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PT Ground Risk Management PT Ground Risk Management is a local Indonesian company established in 2008 with offices in Gedung 88 Tower A Kota Kasablanka, Jakarta. We currently have 22 staff and are growing. We have sound affiliations with local and international companies.

We identify risks and opportunities related to the ground. We help develop concepts to mitigate the risks and develop the opportunities. We scope and manage engineering survey and help integrate engineering and science disciplines during design in order to reduce construction costs and reduce risks on your project.

We provide a range of services that help identify risks and opoportunities, study integration and ultimate savings in cost and risk. Our aims can be achieved at any stage of the project - from concept to decommission. We work for the mining industry, the oil and geothermal industry and for civil development projects.

Identify Risks and Opportunities - This is the most important part. It can't really be taken from a single text book. And, it can't really be left to sweeping company specifications. Issues need to be predicted in order to scope engineering surveys; and that relies on experience. Eg, what are the issues associated with say a basement excavation? The main risk is associated with collapse of the wall. Another risk is paying too much for the wall. The worst case is that you pay too much for the wall and it collapses - this does happen. Water inflow? What about the opportunity of being able to sell the excavated material? We don't want to get to the end of the engineering and find that we don't have the right information in order to mitigate some of these risks - or develop the opportunities. That's where we fit in. We provide a range of services that help achieve this identification, study integration and ultimate savings in cost and risk.

Develop Concept - We're good at thinking out of the box - and have the geotechnical engineering and design skills to back things up. We have a broad background among the engineering and science disciplines, hence have a wide repertoire for coming up with concept solutions.

Scope and Manage Engineering Survey - We have either carried out or managed many forms of pre-engineering survey likely to be warranted on most projects and have worked hard to integrate these in order to provide the information needed to solve problems (mitigate risks or develop opportunities). We determine what information is warranted; and make sure that only work that is relevant to the concept solution or options gets completed. Some survey may warrant staging.

Integrate Engineering and Science Disciplines During Design - We have broad experience over the last 15 years in Indonesia - in both design and construction. We know what works - and, we know the engineering justification behind it. We can bring a lot to the design board; keeping the work real - and help to flesh out the lowest risk and lowest cost solutions.


Company Goal: to reduce construction costs and risks on every project we are involved with.

Company Values:

  • Enjoy the work that we are engaged in.
  • To uphold the professional ethics, support the initiatives and provide new initiatives of affiliated engineering organizations.
  • Openly share knowledge and provide mentoring within all parts of the company.
  • To act in complete honesty and transparency with the companies and people that we work with.
  • To pay all taxes and fees obligated through law.
  • To provide a safe and comfortable workplace for our staff.